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Sarah E. Otis, CACP, CMT, LMT (Retired)

 Utilizing my Intuitive abilities to facilitate your Restorative & Transformational
Healing Services

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit
Physical pain and discomfort isn't always caused by a physical illness. Many times it is caused by imbalances within your energy field, aura and meridians. If you address the symptoms when they first show up, many times they can be balanced and cleared out before they become a physical ailment which are trickier and take long to address. Yet first you must be willing to acknowledge the symptoms and not continue running from them hoping they will disappear.

 Allow my variety of services to help you address them, work to clear out energy blocks holding you back  whole body optimal health.
Sarah Otis, your guide on your healing journey
Restorative Healing

Custom session blending many different modalities acquired over the last 15 years that help facilitate whole body healing. This session's foundation is based in a variety of different Energy Medicine Modalities that help facilitate the release of energy blocks that might be causing many of your issues or pain. 
Choice of modalities is uniquely chosen for each client and session. It will be based on what the client is currently dealing with or experiencing at that time  in their journey.

Your session includes a post session coaching to receive guidance, motivation and direction concerning your current challenges.

Promotes relaxation, stress reduction, acute & chronic pain relief.

Anahata Codes

Anahata Codes provide access to assisting frequencies already in the state of reality you wish to resonate with in order for your body to ascend into a place of balance and healing today by bathing your cells in the vibration of the intelligence of things which have information you body will use to balance....

Cranial or Aviana


~ Cranial Sacral Session ~

Great modality to address headaches/migraines, stress/anxiety, pain,
nervous system disorders, TBI,
and many more things. 

It's very relaxing to receive while it benefits your whole body and well-being.

~ Aviana Touch Therapy ~

Experience Aviana’s unparalleled energy bodywork ritual drawn from ancient wisdom, made fresh for today’s client. Integrating a specifically selected blend of worldly wise healing concepts, mindfulness and touch point therapy, this tranquil full body experience focuses on face, scalp, ears and feet providing physical, emotional and mental relaxation. Designed to gently rock and rhythmically compress away aches, pain and tension, leave feeling like you had a power nap, full of renewed vitality. Safe for individuals in every age and stage of wellness, including cancer.

  • Deeply Relaxing
  • Reversing Stress Symptoms
  • Affording Comfort in Body
  • Enhancing Quality of Sleep
  • Improving Concentration
  • Providing Immune System Support

Raindrop Technique


Using Young Living Essential Oils, while utilizing the Vita Flex technique to apply the oils on the soles of the feet and along the spine to help the body naturally detox while addressing pain and discomfort.

**If interested in a series of sessions, please ask about special pricing for sessions and oil kit

~ Custom Oil Blends for Specific Needs ~

                 **  Prices will vary **

Please contact me regarding your needs and I would

love to craft you a blend to address your concerns.

Integrative Reflexology


Integrative Reflexology was developed by Claire Marie Miller, a Massage Therapist from Chapel Hill, NC

Integrative Reflexology is based on four theories.
  1. Meridians, channels through which the subtle body life force energy flows, also called chi.
  2. Structure, skeletal alignment of the bones in the feet and fascial integrity balances our body upward.
  3. Zones, grids that help us to systematically locate points and areas of the body.
  4. Proprioceptors, nerves that give information that may correspond to reflex points. The nerve sends information to the brain which stimulates the organ or body part indicated in the foot.

**Also Available**
30 min session $35
45 min session $50