Tranformational Coach

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Sarah E. Otis, CACP, CMT, LMT (Retired)



~  7 Day Transformation  ~

Want to start 2018 with the best foot forward?

Join me daily in a private Facebook Group to go deeper into certain themes that might be holding you back from moving forward or into your excellence utilizing a new Bio-Diverse Healing Modality, Anahata Codes. Anahata Codes provide access to assisting frequencies that already exist but maybe just not in your reality. In utilizing the codes, you are giving your higher self the ability to resonate with the Assisting Frequencies to assist in bringing your Mind, Body and Spirit back into balance as the vibration of your chosen frequency works it's magic to assist you in whatever form is for your highest good. Each day will have a different theme which I will utilize the Anahata Codes to find an assisting frequency for the group. Each day I will post a LIVE video to reveal the code, give you more information on why it was chosen and install the code.

If you can't join live, you can watch anytime (even months later), plus you get support in the Facebook Group during the 7 day transformation.

At the end of the 7 Day Transformation you will receive you own personal Assisting Frequency to assist you with a challenge plus a special savings coupon to use for your first 1 on 1 Anahata Codes session with me.

Themes covered:
1. Fear/Stress
2. Overwhelm/Faith
3. Surrender/Allow
4. Get Clear
5. Trust
6. Courage-Knowing you are safe/supported
7. Loving YOU