Tranformational Coach

Healing Hands Holistic Therapies

Sarah E. Otis, CACP, CMT, LMT (Retired)

Customized Handmade
Healing Jewelry
by Sarah

See examples of previously crafted necklaces below

Blending the healing benefits of color therapy, numerology and crystal therapy to
assist you with your healing while bringing forth message from your higher self.

Feel like you need some additional assistance as you go about your
personal healing journey?

I have created custom necklaces which I do during a meditative state that brings in the healing aspects of color therapy, numerology and crystal therapy that can assist you in ways you might be over-looking. I attach the pendant of the center of my spirit painting to your necklace (if purchased as set) that further accentuates the
energy of the painting and the necklace.
Each necklace purchase includes a necklace, pendant (**if purchased) and full report on the colors, numerology and crystals utilized within your necklace that I was guided to include to assist you with your healing.
Plus a full reading  of what your higher self and body was showing me regarding why I placed the colors and crystals like I did to assist with particular body parts, organs, circulatory or nervous system and heart. I will share any insights your guides or body wishes you to know.

Each necklace takes at minimum of 2 hours to complete and another 2-3 hours to complete your custom report.

** Please allow up to 2 weeks to **
receive your order


You will receive a copy of the story behind the Visionary Painting plus more details about how to use your healing jewelry and all the energy assistance.


How Colors and Numerology can assist your healing

  • Color therapy may alter your emotions, mood, and over-all well-being. Each color has amazing benefits to assist you in a variety of ways you may not realize. 

On days you need a boost in energy use Red or Violet. Need to bring in some happiness, use Green and Yellow. Need to soothe your energy or stressed out, Blue brings a calm over you. Need some healing, surround yourself with shades of Green.

  • Numerology can benefit you in a variety of ways. Each number holds a particular energy and holds keys to your life and healing.

Gallery of previously sold necklaces

Sarah prepared 2 of the customized necklaces, one with her spirit painting pendant for me. I was so excited to receive them and when I did, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful energy pouring out of them. She sent a lot of information for me to learn from about the meaning and energies associated with my customized necklaces. I used the sacred numbers she prepared to charge my water with and I loved the taste and energy coming from them.

 These are exquisite tools from heaven, and Sarah is so in-line with the heavens. I highly recommend everyone get at least one of these sacred necklaces.
Holly Powers Matthews
Psychic Oracle, USA
I ordered one of Sarah’s customized necklaces with her pendant and I am absolutely in love with it. She uses color therapy, numerology, crystal therapy, and so much more to create them specifically for your energetic needs. The detailed report she sends with them will blow your mind!! I haven’t taken my necklace off since I got it because i feel so balanced, optimistic, and blissed out wearing it. I loved mine so much I ordered three more customized necklaces for family members for Christmas. I highly recommend her services and necklaces. You will not be disappointed ❤️
November 2017
Chameice Daniels, Natural Intuitive & Channel of the Divine, Utah, USA
Sarah made me a personalized necklace with her pendant. She takes the time to learn your personal needs as in what stones, beads, and numbers that will benefit you when she tunes into your energy.
She puts them in sets that are just for you and your needs. Then she writes a report to explain every little detail that you couldn’t even think about that may be beneficial to you. She will tell you about the stones, the benefits of each and every stone and bead plus why you needed them. Then she adds the numerology meanings of all the sets of  stones, beads etc. and why you personally need them and what each will do for you.
I have worn my necklace every since I receive it as a gift. At first it brought me so much energy I took it off for a few minutes as it made my heart beat faster, but then my body understood why I needed it so I’ve been wearing it ever since.
When others have had problems with the universal energy making them feel tired I notice I’ve had more energy since I’ve been wearing it.
Love Love my new necklace!
Thank you so much Sarah for the awesome job you do!
December 2017
Patti Sexton RH Inha, Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist, Utah, USA