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Sarah E. Otis, CACP, CMT, LMT (Retired)

What are Anahata Codes?

Watch this video by the creator of the Anahata Codes as she further explains this amazing quantum healing modality!



Anahata Session

Established Client
30 minute session

Established Client
20 minute session

Follow-up session or Initial Consultation


Pkg 1
1 Session (4 codes)
2   30 min session
(2 codes/ea)
Follow-up session

Pkg 2
1 Session (4 codes)
1  30 min session (2 codes)
Follow-up session

Pkg 3
1 Session (4 codes)
1  20 min session (1 code)
Follow-up session

I was at a crossroads when I learned about the Anahata code sessions. Sarah has proven to be highly intuitive on many occasions, so I decided to give it a try. After the first session I felt really tired, but really relaxed. After that, I went through a detox period that forced me to deal with my issue head on. Now my original issue barely brings up the emotional charge it once did and seems to be subsiding by the day. Another issue Sarah addressed in a remote session.  About a week after that session ended I had conversations with multiple people, that I did not even have to instigate, that directly addressed the issue. I am very happy with the turn out of my session. I do have more research to do to learn about the other codes that were installed, but I already have a huge sense of relief and peace. Thank you so much Sarah, I am very grateful for your assistance!
Emily Pearl, Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, North Carolina, USA
I am so excited to add this phenomenal healing gem to my healing repertoire!! I can say this 6 months process of becoming a CACP has been an emotional process as I released and healed myself with each new session I offered while learning so much about myself that I had failed to fully acknowledge! I am proud of who I have become through this process and it's leading me into my new level of medicine to assist humanity and Gaia.

I have been a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist for almost 18 years working with clients suffering with complex medical issues and pain to gain back as much of life as possible that their limitations had taken away. I have a passion to get to the root causes of issues in people's lives which lead me to become a massage therapist after suffering for years with severe medical issues that doctors told me were all in my head. Over the years as I expanded my skills to further assist my clients within my scope of practice I added an extensive list of amazing modalities until I made the decision to retire from doing massage. Yet that hasn't stopped me from adding more energy modalities to further support where I was shifting in my own healing and practice.

I retired from the more physical massage modalities in 2014 (after 14 years) to exclusively offer energy healing modalities. I was being called to take a journey to India to give back doing volunteer work which turned into a two-year massive Transformation that has forever changed my life in ways I could never fathom!! I plan to utilize "my mess" and the knowledge I have gained throughout my life to assist others in working through it, as well as assisting others in healing their emotional and underlying issues or traumas that are slowly wrecking havoc in their everyday lives as these programs work in the background unbeknownst to them. Using my natural born abilities as an Intuitive Empath, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Oracle, Psychic, Catalyst, Visionary and Wayshower, I help to show you a different view of the world, your life, your issues and challenges to take back your power and become the radiant empowered being you were born to be in a safe, compassionate and loving way.

I look forward to utilizing the Anahata Codes, my Intuitive Oracle Readings, Energy-Sound Healing, Numerology-Color Therapy-Crystal Healing Jewelry and taking my life's mess into a profound mash-up natural medicine to accelerate humanity and Gaia's healing.

My experience with Sarah was nothing short of amazing. 

Even though my session was on the phone, and I had never even talked to Sarah before, she made me feel super comfortable. The session felt like a conversation with a dear friend. I had previously given her a list of situations I wanted to treat and heal, so she was already prepared for our session. Sarah shared some of her own experiences as we analyzed mine,  and she very kindly guided me through my healing process. I can tell that she is 100 % percent authentic, loving and incredibly wise. I felt understood and supported all the time.  The best part of the session was when we installed the Anahata codes and I could feel the loving energy in the back of my head and running down my back. As Sarah channeled the codes, she took the time to look for the most accurate definitions and she helped me understand how the codes would work and assist me. After the phone session, Sarah wrote to me a couple of times to follow up, and that made my experience even better. Her words are so encouraging! 

Sarah is a gifted and very intuitive healer and she is hysterically funny. 

I highly recommend her as a spiritual coach because she is simply amazing at what she does.

  Thank you! 🏻
Marce Dan, New York, USA

I had a Anahata healing session with Sarah which was one of the best healing sessions I've had. It required little effort on my behalf and it was non-invasive too (both physically and emotionally) which was excellent for me to keep myself feeling safe. Sarah is confident and knowledgeable and I was able to easily trust her and open myself up for healing. Within a week of the session a lot of my overwhelming emotions and negativity for life had lifted. I felt a lot lighter, a lot brighter and like I was "my old self" again. I had been unable to get myself out of that dark place for close to a year, and this one session really helped me a lot. She also worked on a physical affliction with which I had been suffering, which also had measurable improvements too! I highly recommend a healing sessions with Sarah. Even if you don't think you're really suffering from anything, you can identify areas of your life which could benefit from some healing, and Sarah will find the blockages and unlock them for you!

Anupa Nardi, Australian Expat living in Nepal, Student, Volunteer, Australia